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Subject: Re: Load sysex program patches from Alesis Datadisk?

From: "denpeters2001" <denpeters@...>
Date: 2012-07-30

That's perfect Paul. I am a windows user, and have used the Midi-Ox program before. Just have to dig up a machine with MIDI ports, or find a card and a machine to put it in.

I'm anxious to hear all the wonderful factory presets that I've been listening to on Youtube!

Thanks again for your help!


--- In, "Paul D. DeRocco" <pderocco@...> wrote:
> > From: denpeters2001
> >
> > Anyone have experience loading patch banks from the internet,
> > or sysex files to reset patch banks to factory default?
> I downloaded the factory sets from the RhodesChroma web site, and used a
> simple little freeware program called Midi-Ox to spit them out over
> MIDI. Worked fine. But that's a Windows program. Can't help you with the
> Mac...
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> Ciao, Paul D. DeRocco
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