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Subject: Questions on a certain synth lead sound. Was this done on a Jupiter -8?

From: "hamsterdrum85" <hamsterdrum85@...>
Date: 2006-12-24

I am wondering if that cool, Casio-type synth lead on the chorus of
the Duran Duran song, "Is There Something I Should Know?", and in the
second part of the first verse of the Rick Springfield song, "Human
Touch", were done on a Roland Jupiter-8. I wanted to know so I don't
get mixed up on any miscellaneous machines. I am wondering, was that
sound done on a Roland Jupiter-8, or was it done on a different Roland
Jupiter, or was it done on a non-Jupiter Roland such as the JX's or
Junos, or was it done on a rival synthesizer such as a Moog, an
Oberheim, or a Sequential Circuits.

For those who own the "Rick Springfield 12-Inch Collection" and has
heard track two on the disc, which is "Human Touch" (Extended Mix),
you will be lucky to help answer my question because the opening to
the song is the first verse with nothing in that part but synthesizers
and an acoustic guitar.

If it was done on a Jupiter-8, can anyone tell me how to adjust the
parameters on the keyboard to make that sound? Can that sound be made
on the 1997 reincarnations of the Jupiter-8, which are the JP-8000
keyboard synth and the JP-8080 rack synth?

The reason why I asked was I have gotten mixed up in the past on the
Simmons Drum Group, asking about a certain crash cymbal sound, which I
found out it was done on a LinnDrum, not a Simmons SDS5 or SDS7. I
have also read on the internet that the synth sounds on "Is There
Something I Should Know?" was rumored to have been done on a Roland

Good luck helping me with that

Dean Rumsey