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Subject: HELP

From: "tiwe1975" <timwel@...>
Date: 2006-08-06

Hello,I've had some sleepless nights.Please help me Jupiter lovers!
I have my Jupiter 8 for 10 years now and it worked perfectly till 3
years ago...I always loose my presets..No worry I hear you think and
changing the internal battery is the first thing I did.I drove it to
the nearest ROLAND factory (I'm lucky,it's only 20 miles away :-) )
The guys of ROLAND BELGIUM replaced the internal battery but they
told me that it won't work for long as the MEMORY-BLOCK drains too
much energy from the battery and it would only last for a few
weeks....And they were right,the battery was gone again :-( From
than on I always use a CD-R to load/save my patches to..It worked
perfectly but was a little time-consuming...But I was happy that I
could still use my Jupiter8.
Now comes the big problem : since last week when I power on my
Jupiter8 the display acts funnily and I have to power on/off the
jupiter8 again to make it work...But when I want to load the
soundbanks into my Jupiter8 it won't load and changes automaticly to
MEMORY PROTECT but the memory-protection switch is off!!! Sometimes
it will load soundbanks,but most of the time it just don't load
shit :-( Putting the memory protect on-off doesn't help...
So now I'm stuck with a jupiter with no sounds,I cant save them to
tape/cd and I can't save them internally as it will loose all when
powered off...
PLEASE HELP,Im dying :-(