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Subject: FW: [AH] Wanted - Jupiter 6 Slider Caps

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <Ricardo_Verschut@...
Date: 1999-10-06

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Subject: Re: [AH] Wanted - Jupiter 6 Slider Caps

I needed one for mine and were unable to find it at the Roland Official
Service, so I change the two bender VCO assign slider caps with Juno 106
ones which are the same, but black instead of grey. Now I have a spare J6
grey cap and the synth looks good with the two black ones.

cmathews@... on 05/10/99 17:04:26

Subject:[AH] Wanted - Jupiter 6 Slider Caps

I need 4. Anyone know where I can get them or something similar. Thanks!

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