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Subject: Re: Jupiter 6 still sucks for pads: pseudophat pad

From: "asemcken" <asemcken@...>
Date: 2003-10-23

I've had a great deal of success with pad sounds from my JP-6. The
thing that seems to help is the manual cross-mod, even without sync.

If you set up the VCO mod to only mod VCO-2, and use some LFO mod
(just enough to get some tuning variation, and keep the LFO speed
low), you can get some sweeping detuning of the two VCO's. But, the
real gem is the xmod.

By using LFO PWM and selecting Pulse waves on VCO-2, any manual xmod
of VCO-1 will be phase-inverted with respect to the LFO phase on VCO-
2. The trick is setting the xmod up carefully enough to stay musical
(or just pin it if you're going for something else).

Add a slight bit of ENV-1 mod to VCO-2 (use the VCO-2 fine tune to
compensate for any severe drift) and it's time to enter the filter

Some minor notes here - the xmod trick will produce some very
inconsistent results if the JP-6 is out of calibration. For the most
consistency voice-to-voice, the xmod calibrations need to be almost
dead-on (which, in a 20+year old synth is a trick in itself).

This gives me a ton of movement within the pitch of the voice - it's
off to the filter and go.

I also recently went through every patch on the board and lowered my
VCA gain to about 6 on all LPF patches in order to use the remaining
gain on the resonant HPF and BPF patches. It seemed to make a big

Hope this helps,