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Subject: Re: [AH] Re: Jupiter 6 and pads

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2002-11-19

Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 22:25:23 +0100
To: "Analogue Heaven" <analogue@...>
From: "Lars Johansson" <lasse@...>
Subject: Re: [AH] Re: Jupiter 6 and pads
Message-ID: <00c301c28a92$0307db20$6bfc41d5@...>

Here's a tip for you MKS-80 guys :

Synchronize VCO 1 to VCO 2.

Set desired amount of Cross Mod.

Use a dual Patch ( layer the same sound ).

This can give you a lot more sound possibilities than just using =
standard Saw, Square and Pulse waves.