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Subject: CEM chips ......not phat????

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2002-03-28

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 19:01:57 -0800
To: analogue@...
From: Mike Peake <peake@...>
Subject: Re: [AH] CEM chips ......not phat????
Message-Id: <f0510030eb8c83700f916@[]>

At 2:55 AM +0000 3/28/02, Dran Zef wrote:
>Doesnt the OB-8 have CEM chips? as well as the JP-8...who said
>anything with CEM chips have a thin sound.....or was that a typo?

The JP8 has no CEMs in it IIRC. The OB8 does
(as does the OBXa, Xpander, Matrix 12).

You gotta hear the Four Voice before you
decide on anything CEM-related. CEMs have
a very specific sound that some like, and
some don't. I hate them...they sound unlike
the Legend gear (Four-Voice, CS-80, etc.)
Put an SEM against a Pro-One and be startled
by how thin the Pro-One sounds.

Your mileage may vary. Especially considering
the myriad possible interpretations of "phat"
versus Fat, which I am describing here. Plenty
of people like the Pro-One, and that's okay
too of course.
Mike Peake, Your Psychic Friend