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Subject: forwarded from AH

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <Ricardo_Verschut@...
Date: 1999-04-14

monsieur kulma hattu said:

>I've been told and I've read about the cooling problem in JP4. I visited a

>local tech and told him about the problem, and he said that a normal

>computer fan should work, and the power could be taken from the power

>of the machine. Does this raise any complications, it should not but anyone

>with experience in this?

Had this exact same problem with a Jupiter-8 that I had in for repair.

Tuning wouldn't stabilise. Fitted standard, boring 12V computer fans (2) at

rear vents to get air circulating around the boards. Voila - no more tuning

problems! It wasn't an issue powering them of the Jupe's internal 12V, as

the fans were just small low-power ones.

>The fans (2) would be 4cm wide 12V/0.26A fans. And

>any idea where these fans should be installed for better cooling effect, or

>is there actually any effect at all?

Stick 'em onto the vent holes at the back ....

>Also I'm looking for the manual and service guide. Online versions would be

>fine also, but nothing beats the real thing, eh?




Pete C


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