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Subject: New User of Jupiter 4

From: frictionblast@...
Date: 2001-02-13

Hello... yes, this is my first post here, though i've been lurking for about a year. what a fantastic group this is! i've had my JP-4 for about a year now. i've been triggering the arpeggiator with a Linn Drum or a CR-78 and i've now been dying to program sequences for this incredible synth. alas, the JP-4, of course does not have CV/gate inputs. i've read here that someone had theirs modified and put on CV/gate ins and outs. can anyone recommend someone who does this mod? furthermore, i was wondering if this mod would even be worth doing in the first place and maybe a MIDI retrofit would be the way to go.any suggestions? i mean i would love to be able to connect my CSQ-600 to the Jupiter. i want to be able to sync a sequencer along with the CR-78 drum machine. thanks much- friction