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Subject: FW: [AH] Re: JP-8 and more

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2001-01-30

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Subject: Re: [AH] Re: JP-8 and more

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> Can't recall who wrote that, but IMHO, very ignorant. Why?

Why is this ignorant?... read the original posting again... ok, might be I
where a little unclear with my point....

The original post was:

"I'm sure if Roland dusted off the schematics for the
JP-8, polished it with full MIDI, and put it to market, it would
have to sell."

Ok... nothing wrong about wishing for a re-release of a JP-8... but it wont
happen (I think I can speak for roland!)... the cost would make kids buy 15
MC-303 instead... and maybe a few JP-8080´s for the same cost as this "shiny
new JP-8", I also fully believe that Roland has "re-made" the JP-8 with the
8080... and with the years to come the 8080 will be a 9090 ?!?! and most
likely it will kill the JP-8 in all terms (other than beein 100% plastic and
not nice heavy metal as the JP-8 are)... of course... musicians who benefit
from using this 8080 or 9090 will choose the JP-8 because it´s NOT

Come on!... get real.

Hell this goes for the whole industry... take a few minutes searching the
internet for studio equipment (recording) and name a single
artist/producer/band/film composer who does _not_ use ProTools... There is
no difference between analogue/digital synths and mixing equipment... it´s
the same shitty war over and over again... warm sound... not warm sound...

I would turn it all around and say... to ignore DSP today is _very_ ignorant
(extremely ignorant that is!).

My point is (as I wrote "bankrupt")... there are _many_ more musicians than
collectors, we (atleast myself) analog lovers are an _BIG_ minor group of
synth users and Roland would ∗never on this planet∗ earn much money making
the original boxes again... and to design them with additional midi/patch
storage and all that of today... hah!...

That´s why I wrote "there is no room for collectors"... (from rolands
point of view of course).

Another interesting though is... When the Jupiter-8 was released it sold
bad.... How can this be??... the monster where a major release (the cost for
"equal" size VA or other synths today is not THAT much higher compared to
JP-8 at that time, ok maybe higher). Look at Waldorf Q. or that big Waldorf
I can´t remember the name of.

> The rapid/obsessed collector is one of the best resources you will find,
> terms of
> getting access to parts lists, schemos, samples and manual copies.
> they are willing to share and you are willing to deal honestly with them,
> they can/have/will form a major support resource for all interested
> Maybe five, ten years from now there will be a site like the Oddy and
> Mono/Poly sites, but for like almost every synth of interest ever
> put together by someone with a deep enthusiasm for that one instrument
> really floated their boat. I can't see any downside to it.

This has nothing to do with my point... of course there are no downside...
hell, you´ll find dozens of mailing-lists on the internet... a list for each
product ever released... this is fantastic... I think I know about a certain
mailing list for analogue synthesizers which has given me answers for
questions I never would get another way.... hm... anyone have more infor, I
seem to have forgotten the details. :-O