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Subject: FW: [AH] WAS: [AH] JP-8 and more NOW: OPINION

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2001-01-30

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From: Kelly [mailto:controlvoltage@...]
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2001 8:57 AM
To: analogue@...
Subject: [AH] WAS: [AH] JP-8 and more NOW: OPINION

> > Bring your JP-8 to a friend with i.ex the Virus TDM plug-in and play
> > side by side... I think you´re about to experience a minor shock!.
> yeah cut back the layers of fx and you will be in even more of a shock!

∗∗∗CAUTION, WARNING, the following contains unadulterated OPINION∗∗∗

heh heh heh.. so true. The mask of effects sure can hide the truth of VA,
thats why most have it built in. I was playing an MS-2000 at the music
store recently and, although I was only on it for about 15 minutes, I could
not even see how it was possible to turn the effects off. It certainly
wasn't right up front. I've had a few pints this eve, so I'll go ahead and
say what I really mean: I started buying analog because it was easy to use
and I loved the sound, its unique. Its SO good in fact, thats why virtual
analogs even exist, if you love your _ _ _ _ (<---insert VA here) you gotta
thank Bob. Analog is my favorite sound (if you haven't guessed). Digital
does not cut it, not even close. I found the MS-2000 "interesting, looks
good, blah blah" </niceties> lame. I am biased though, I appreciate the
vibrant, rich, full, lively, animated, colourful tones that only analog can
provide... my mind is open but there is nothing out there to match it. I
think picking on "virtual analog" is fair game. Nobody analog made a
virtual digital. (pre-emptive strike: hybrid never tried to imitate the
sound of digital, just the ease of use/stability). The beauty of the whole
"some day they will get digital to be as good" argument is that 'someday' it
might be 'as good', but as an imitation, it can never exceed the original,
the standard by which it measures itself. If it ever got so good that
nobody even wanted an analog synth, then they would have to call it....
WHAT WOULD THEY CALL IT??? (hey, if theres something better than anlog, I'm
alllll ears, the same ears that tell me the opinion your reading now by the
way :-) In the mean time, I'll just hang on to my appreciating, and
appreciated analog boards, the great inspiration of my creativity. And my
DX-7, what the heck. For all of you who thought a 2600 was too expensive at
$1400US 4 years ago, you should have caved in then. Hey, now that they're
2400+ you still might be getting a bargain by 2005 standards. Better hop
on-board now! I'll bet the Nord 5 still won't match its sonics. hee hee

Thanks. This may not have been the most diplomatic announcement, but I
just felt like singing the praises at this very moment, and you people were
the ones to whom it may concern, THANKS!!! W00T!

∗ .,:3Õ3∗+ .
+ ,d$$P`. .
. j$$$X
.p$$+-. .$$$$ . `+ +
'$$s i$$$s ^b.
i$$$ '?$dx, `$b. .
Y$& . + $$m l$$;
-+$. $ '+,$$bY$$$'
~ontrol' `i$oltage
':' `Y$$/ .
' `%

K e l l y . "