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Subject: FW: [AH] jp6 preop

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2001-01-05

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Subject: Re: [AH] jp6 preop

ah so.

leaving the synth unopened is just fine with me..

but the seller sent me this jp6 in an UNLOCKED calzone case thru fedex... no
box! and plus the case was a little bigger then the synth and it was just
rattling around inside during delivery..

so i am a bit skeptical of its cherry condition. something must be wrong..
or at least loose. not knowing anything about electronics, is there
something specific i should look for?

thanks again

and also... this europa mod.. how much is it gonna cost.. and its just one
main chip to replace? it requires a tech or any idiot could do it?

> Not bad advice paul...but if he can't resist...
> The jp6 knobby panel is held on by 3 or 4 silver screws, along the
> edge nearest the keys. You take those out, and the whole knob
> panel is hinged at the back.
> You can lift it up and look at the wonders inside, but don't flip
> the damn thing open like a lunchbox -- there's all sorts of wiring
> to the controls hooked to the CPU board. You'll be yanking hard on
> them if you open it up all the way.
> The guts of those things are a marvel of japanese hand engineering.
> of ribbon cables between the boards and the controls, there are bundles of
> multicolored wires that terminate in connectors. the wires are tied
> by hand with little bits of twine. The wiring itself seems to be
> copper and is quite stiff -- the bundles are carefully bent like piping to
> fit where they're supposed to.
> They're pretty sturdy in general -- mine flipped backwards off a keyboard
> stand once and lived to tell the tale, though I don't recommend doing
> this to them.
> If I can borrow a digital camera I'll snap some pics of the innards
> By the way, I've long since lost the screws holding down the control
> what with popping Europa beta ROMS in and out. Does anyone know precisely
> what sort of screws I need to buy to replace the lost ones, so I don't
> out the screwholes?
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