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Subject: FW: [AH] Q: mks-80 vs. jp8: help me

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <ricardo.verschut@...>
Date: 2000-06-27

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From: Tom Moravansky
Subject: Re: [AH] Q: mks-80 vs. jp8: help me

> I know this has been bandied about. . . maybe too much. But this question
> is giving me an ulcer. I'm inbetween ordering an mks-80 or a jp8. I've
> read the archive. . . and I'm not convinced that people liking one over
> the other are fully informed. This makes sense. . . what person in their
> right mind own both at the same time? But that's what I'm hoping for:
> somebody who knows both synths very well. I have questions about envelope

Well, at the height of my gear addiction/excess I had 5 JP-8's
and 3 MKS-80's w. programmers. The low point of Jupiters was
2 JP-8's and 0 MKS-80's. Current is 3 and 2. Probable near
future is 3 and 1.

Here's a couple random comments first - (note that all
comments assume the MPG-80 w. the MKS-80. If not, it's
no contest. A PC-1600 is a pain to use compared to the MPG-80).

I could be a happy guy with a Jupiter-8 and a MiniMoog.

Whenever I have to sell something big to raise cash, the MKS-80 w.
MPG-80 is usually the first thing to go.

Even though the MKS-80 sounds great I reach for a lot of others
synths first.

If you have a reasonable amount of gear, the MKS-80 isn't really
essential. I think the JP-8 is essential.

Part of the issue is interfacing. It's easy to power up the JP-8,
grab some notes, hit HOLD, 2 octave random arpeggiation, and then
edit the front panel to your heart's content while periodically
wiggling the bender. :-)

I'd rather spend an extra $300 (actually 285) and add an Encore MIDI
kit if I felt I really needed MIDI on the JP-8.

I haven't set up the MKS-80/MPG-80 on top of a dedicated keyboard
and tried to use it like a regular synth. That may change the
frequency of useage, but we'll see.

If you don't need the arpeggiator and keyboard, or if space is a
consideration and you really need MIDI, the MKS-80 w. programmer is
the better bet.

> speed, midi-lag, "warmth", "fizziness," "fuzziness," "buzziness,"
> "bloopabiity," distortion, bass repsonse, midrange, etc. Maybe a
> comparison of "standard" sounds: ie, square wave bass, pulsewidth lead,
> sawtooth bass, string sounds, etc.
JP-8 is warmer than the MKS-80
JP-8 can be fuzzier than the MKS-80

MKS-80 can be fizzier than the JP-8
MKS-80 can be buzzier than the JP-8

The MKS-80 sounds more 'modern' than the JP-8. The JP-8 is like
drinking a brandy in a smoking jacket. The MKS-80 is like drinking
a martini in a suit.

The JP-8 is an instrument whereas the MKS-80 is a sound module.


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