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Subject: [AH] Kraftwerk + JP8 envelope

From: "Verschut, Ricardo" <Ricardo_Verschut@...
Date: 1998-10-28

From:Luis Silviano Marka @ mola@...@SMTP@EXCHANGE

Hi Analoguers,

My ears are still ringing to Kraftwerk's show here in Brazil last
Saturday... have no words, ya' know what I mean. It couldn't be more
"germanic", Ralf gave only half a smile in the beginning of the gig, but
soon realized that and went serious again. It was mesmerizing, couldn't
hold my tears on "Radioactivity". And the "Tron" suites with the wire-frame
computer graphics on the four screens behind them, were just... amazing! A
bit of surrealism: I was taking a leak on the WC (they were located right
outside the show area) listening to "Radioactivity". I thought it was a
recording, but suddenly Ralf said something in German and some of the
keyboards were played solo. Kinda weird, nah?

Back to business: one voice of the Jupiter 8 lost the decay; I swapped the
envelope chip of Env 1 and 2 of the defective board, and the problem is on
the env chip itself (IR3R01, if I am not wrong). Is this chip
easy/expensive to get? Anybody got an spare (its the same of Juno 6/60, if
I'm not wrong again...)? Any help will be kindly welcome.


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