[sdiy] Advice on finding Synth/IOT/AUDIO work? job boards etc

Dan Snazelle subjectivity at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 24 15:50:32 CET 2024

Hello there.

I am wondering if anyone has leads on good places to find jobs—websites, job boards etc within the domain of synth, stompbox, internet of things work. I have lots of experience designing modules, stompboxes, coding C/C++ with ESP32, STM32, Arduino, etc. And a couple years of working with GoLang at a Crypto Tax company.

I did nothing but run Snazzy FX for so many years that I am having the issue that many "normal" jobs see that as a mark against me, not as a good thing that I have worn so many hats over the years.

 Even before Snazzy FX I had years of doing audio work, and over the last few years I had a programming job. The irony is that I took the job to bring some financial stability to my life. I did not think about the fact that tech is full of lay-offs.

Anyway long story short I would love to hear from others who might have leads on how to find work at other audio companies  OR who may be able to relate their experiences about how they went from synth work into a job that utilized those skills.

When I try to apply for programming jobs—they see I have two years of working at a tech company. Which they do not see as enough experience. Then they see I had more than 12 years manufacturing audio products. And before that a lot of audio work. Which just seems to confuse them. I am wondering if there is a search term that might work well for people with these skills?

Some people tell me my best bet is to start making modules again but as I live in NYC and have large rent it seems like that is not the quickest route to actually being able to get my rent paid.

Happy to share my resume with anyone who might be able to help or who may have advice.

I only have 6 more weeks of unemployment left so I am feeling as if I must figure something out quickly.


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> On 2024-03-21 15:50, Rutger Vlek via Synth-diy wrote:> Dear list,
>  >
>  > while hobbying on an experimental design, I'm looking for a simple
>  > analog circuit to give me the absolute value of the difference between
>  > two signals (mathematically written as |a-b|).
> can't you just put one signal into the inverting input of an op-amp and
> the other signal into the non-inverting op-amp?
> if loading the signals are an issue, you can do op-amp buffers before it
> and I think that configuration is called a "differential amp" and uses 3
> op-amp cells. there's also dedicated IC's for diff amps, but they can be
> $8-12 each and I think are only used when crazy precision is necessary -
> maybe because it reduces the cumulative effects of resistor tolerance in
> the 3 op-amp version?
> --
> /// Neil Harper
> /// Every Wave is New Until it Breaks

forget what I said, i didn't see the absolute value thing. i blame the
internet for stealing my ability to fully read things.

/// Neil Harper
/// Every Wave is New Until it Breaks

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