[sdiy] MIDI Clock sync advice

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 15:12:57 CET 2024

Roman Sowa wrote:
> And it's pretty easy to do, as MIDI clock message has no dependencies at
> all, it can even go between bytes of single note message. Just look for
> F8 in UART register and bam!
> I'm a bit surprised that such powerfull processors as used in arduinos
> can't handle increased traffic, while everything needed to be done in
> any MIDI receiver can be easily handled within one byte transmission,
> that is 0.3ms. OTOH I don't use arduinos or libraries so what do I know.

Yes, I do find it rather sad that people don't put the effort into
learning how to write small, fast code for small processors.  When I
look back and see 8-bit processors like the 6502 and Z80 in home
computers doing _ALL_ the work with relatively few registers (the 6502
has 3, the Z80 has 8) running at 1-4 MHz, and then I look at something
like the Atmega8 with its 32 registers at 16 MHz and more integrated
peripherals than you can shake a stick at...... *sigh*....

And MIDI was designed at the time of these 8-bit machines so it really
is quite easy to process with very little state (i.e., memory) needed.


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