[sdiy] MIDI Clock sync advice

brianw brianw at audiobanshee.com
Sun Mar 10 02:03:34 CET 2024


I had the impression that MIDI 2.0 was completely independent of USB. Although I noticed a *lot* of press about MIDI 2.0, I never saw many details (other than some mention of two-way protocols that would allow editors to know that a specific synth is attached to the other end of the MIDI 2.0 cable).

I am also unaware of any new USB-MIDI specification ... it's still pre-USB 2.0
I there a new USB-MIDI spec on the USB.org site?

Are there any USB-MIDI products shipping that have this new MIDI-2 with proper USB? More importantly, does Apple macOS have USB Class compliant drivers for such interfaces?

Finally, how does MIDI-2 USB compared to MOTU MTP? Were MOTU involved in consulting on the new specifications?


On Mar 9, 2024, at 4:05 PM, Mike Bryant wrote:
> You're all tarring USB-MIDI with its first implementation which was always intended as a stopgap.  
> MIDI-2 is the proper protocol designed for USB and has none of these problems. 

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