[sdiy] MIDI Clock sync advice

Florian Anwander fanwander at mnet-online.de
Fri Mar 8 21:08:28 CET 2024

Hello Gordon

Am 08.03.24 um 19:23 schrieb Gordonjcp:
> You can even do a shuffle to make your semiquavers different lengths, 
> albeit with less precision than (for example) the Akai MPC family with 
> its 48ppcn clock.
Shuffle (or swing) can have any other x%:y% relation to the equally 
50%:50%-weighted steps. My clock divider module mentioned above provides 
five different versions of swing - and this is only because I could not 
display a more detailled resolution with six LEDs.


Btw: I prefer to speak of "swing" in th case the 16th off notes are 
delayed; and "shuffle" is when the 8th off notes are delayed. And if you 
are a real instrumentalist also this is not right, because the on notes 
a are played rushing and the off notes are played dragging. ;-)
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