[sdiy] Digital is more analog than analog... and it has 319 dB headroom...

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Mon Mar 4 11:43:37 CET 2024

Talking about reliability.
Last year I went to a concert where PA was done with one of those "can 
run two decades unattended" console. After a few songs they had to 
literally tell the people so stand still for 5 minutes as they need to 
"reset the audio system". Some channels were muted and the sound 
engineers had no idea why. Seing their faces was priceless.
They switched to backup console and the concert continued.


W dniu 2024-03-03 o 15:28, dh at atoav.com pisze:
> In commercial DSP mixers used for installation (e.g. the Extron DMPS 128 
> series) they use 128 bit DSP. Whether that precision serves any true 
> purpose is nothing I can judge, but that gear is expensive and reliable 
> as in "can run two decades unattended".
> On 2024-03-03 11:59, Gordonjcp wrote:
>> On Sun, Mar 03, 2024 at 10:11:04AM +0100, cheater cheater via 
>> Synth-diy wrote:
>>> Twelve thousand decibels of dynamic range. Another ridiculous number.
>>> And that's BEFORE dithering. This shows you how insipid it is to even
>>> think in this manner.

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