[sdiy] Does anybody have an opinion on Siglent scopes ?

Oren Leavitt obl64 at ix.netcom.com
Fri Mar 1 16:49:39 CET 2024

I have a Rigol DS1054 with the 100MHz upgrade.

I like it. The fan can be a little noisy but bearable. The user 
interface is good.

Only dislike is the probes that come with it are crappy.

I also have a 300MHz Tektronix 2465 - my "bench baby".  Also a couple 
475s and a 2215 when I just want nice unfettered analog.

I had a Tektronix TDS2024B some years back - that was a nice scope!

- Oren

Definitely a good one to throw in car

On 3/1/24 3:40 AM, Mike Bryant wrote:
> Thanks.  I'd always thought of Rigol as slightly more upmarket, but 
> prices look similar so I suppose open the question up to which is best 
> Rigol vs Siglent :-)
> Just to clarify, this is a 'throw in the boot of the car' scope, not 
> my main one.
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> Hi Mike,
> > I quite like the look of their new range
> >
> > 
> https://telonic.co.uk/product-category/test-measurement/digital-oscilloscopes/siglent-sds800x-hd-series-12-bit-high-resolution-oscilloscopes/
> If I were shopping in that market right now I'd seriously look at Rigol:
> https://telonic.co.uk/product-category/test-measurement/digital-oscilloscopes/rigol-dho800-series-oscilloscope/
> Neil
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