[sdiy] 10 x amp for line to modular level

Adrian Corston eidorian at aladan.net
Fri Mar 1 11:22:11 CET 2024

I designed this eurorack PCB which does that and a lot more, all the way 
up to video frequencies if required.  But it's eurorack so +/-12V supply 


In general your main concern with a wall wart is sorting out negative 
supply rails.  There are plenty of single supply op-amps out there if 
you don't need negative voltages though.  Or a switch mode circuit to 
generate a negative supply rail from a positive one...


On 1/03/2024 12:34 pm, JoeF wrote:
> Hello, I've assembled a couple of video synths that can be audio 
> reactive but they need a bigger signal than line level to work well. I 
> want to build a 10x gain stage. Will any op-amp work if I am using a 
> wall wart that is dc? Any tips would be helpful. TIA. JoeF.
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