[sdiy] 10 x amp for line to modular level

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Fri Mar 1 09:51:42 CET 2024

Are you using this wallwart o suply the video modules too?
What is the supply voltage of your modules?
It seems most reasonable to build the amp inside those modules using 
obviously the same power rails, not as a separate thing.

If by "any opamp" you mean TL07x, then yes it will work if you bias it 
correctly and AC-couple on that single supply you presumably have.
Although for this I'd rather recommend good old cheap LM358.


W dniu 2024-03-01 o 03:04, JoeF pisze:
> Hello, I've assembled a couple of video synths that can be audio 
> reactive but they need a bigger signal than line level to work well. I 
> want to build a 10x gain stage. Will any op-amp work if I am using a 
> wall wart that is dc? Any tips would be helpful. TIA. JoeF.
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