[sdiy] Does anybody have an opinion on Siglent scopes ?

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Fri Mar 1 09:37:08 CET 2024

I have used SDS1102X for couple of years and it was awesome in some 
applications and total crap in others.
What's good - capture rate, display, color grading, sensitivity, capture 
memory, speed of reaction
What's bad - operation of the knobs, I mean their way of changing 
rotation sensitivity is terrible, making it hard even to move the 
cursors. Also any bus decoding was just for marketing purposes. Useless 
and with errors.

At one time I made comparision test with this one, Tektronix MDO3 and 
Keysight DSOX3024T. And turns out Siglent wasn't at all the worst of 
those 3 in some tests even though it wasn't even in the same category.

Bottom line, I'd recommend Siglent to anyone as first cheap real scope. 
And not only scope, they make great stuff in general.


W dniu 2024-03-01 o 00:30, Mike Bryant pisze:
> I quite like the look of their new range
> https://telonic.co.uk/product-category/test-measurement/digital-oscilloscopes/siglent-sds800x-hd-series-12-bit-high-resolution-oscilloscopes/ <https://telonic.co.uk/product-category/test-measurement/digital-oscilloscopes/siglent-sds800x-hd-series-12-bit-high-resolution-oscilloscopes/>
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