[sdiy] Synth Panel Window Adhesive

Mike Beauchamp list at mikebeauchamp.com
Fri Mar 1 00:18:53 CET 2024

1. If you're OK with visible fasteners, the perspex can be laser cut 
with holes to mount from behind or in front of the panel. The front can 
then have countersunk holes for the fasteners. If the front panel is 
black, you can do black oxide nuts and they'll be pretty hidden.

2. Thin bond tape. Again, plexiglass is cut oversize and attached from 
behind, with a border of thin bond tape. This stuff is pretty insanely 
sticky, I've used it for a few things. 3M has a selector to guide you to 
the right product to use: 

3. Adhesive. Once again, plexiglass is cut oversize and attached from 
behind. The challenge will be finding an adhesive that works on powder 
coating, it can be very hard - I've struggled with it before. Your best 
bet here is to call 3M, ask for the engineering department and tell them 
you need assistance in selecting an adhesive and tell them what your two 
substrates are. Companies like this that still have telephones are very 
responsive to questions like this and can be very helpful.

Hope that helps!


On 2024-02-28 22:25, ackolonges fds via Synth-diy wrote:
> Hi Synth-DIYers!
> I have a question that might be a little bit OT, but I was wondering, 
> for those of you that have built synth panels with perspex / acrylic 
> windows, what did you use to hold the window in place, and how well did 
> it work?
> I've built a few things now that used 7-segment style LED displays, and 
> I've put rectangular holes in their powder coated metal panels, laser 
> cut some tinted perspex to size and tried things like pressure fitting 
> (too easily dislodged, or broken while being pushed in) and glues, which 
> are a bit messy and hard to avoid having some of the glue showing up on 
> the front panel...
> I'd love to hear your experience and any solutions you may have found!
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