[sdiy] Innovative Oscillator Design (or not ?)

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The design looks pretty similar to the core of a Moog VCO patent from 2016
(which references two of the Hohner Organ sound generator patents that I've
Though in the patent the MCU is used to select different CV sources.


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> Attn: Synth-DIY community...
> A while back (2022), I had an idea for an oscillator design which could be
> used in modular or hybrid synth's, but I have not yet tested the concept.
> The oscillator may be digitally controlled or voltage controlled, or both
> at once. I'm not sure if this technique has already been tried and proven.
> I haven't seen any evidence of it, so I would be grateful if anyone with a
> greater knowledge of the art can tell me if this is a novel idea, or a
> concept that has appeared before. (See attached summary.)
> M.J. Bauer
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