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Steve Jobs was an expert at marketing.  You've just confirmed my point.

And Uli is an expert at low cost manufacturing.  You can't build something like say the X32 cheaper than he can - he has the volume to get best component prices and an in-house Chinese factory - something that even Apple never achieved.

At the end of the day, audio isn't really about engineering.  And I used to run R&D at a large well known audio company.
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Uli actually doesnt know what they its doing. The plan is to do it much much better. And I know it's possible.
Do you believe Steve Jobs or not? I follow Steve Job's advice to 100% and I believe you do too

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If you want to get rich, you're looking at this from the wrong end.  Good synth (or any other form of audio) engineering is pretty commonplace, but even for the small niche companies it's marketing and manufacturing that makes the difference.

And Uli has already optimised both so you'll never get to the rich stage.
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Hi all,

I want to build an analog synth from scratch. I currently work as a digital IC design engineer at a semiconductor company and I have good knowledge in analog circuit design, but I'm not that good at advanced analog circuitry.

Can anyone recommend me a book or some tutorial on synth electronics?

Also, I am looking for partners to work on this project with me, and then make it into a product and sell and get rich. I'll give you 50%.
My synth will be the best ever made I guarantee that. You can jump in!

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