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Hello Paulo,

I started with the Elektor Formant. It is from the seventies and a lot 
of lessons have been learned in the meantime, nevertheless I find it 

Also I learned a lot (really a lot) from the service manuals. Especially 
the service manuals for Roland synths from the late seventies early 
eighties contain a lot of explanation how the circuits work:

Read the Jupiter-6 /JP-6 service manual for a VCO-Synth
Read the JX-3P service manual for a DCO-Synth
Read the TR-808 service manual for an analogue drum machine

If you download at synfo.nl, don't  hesitate to donate (Rob Senso, the 
owner is one of the good guys).

Also Tom Wiltshire aka electric druid has a lot of functional analysises 
on his pages: https://electricdruid.net/articles/
Tom is also active here.


Am 09.04.24 um 00:51 schrieb Paulo Constantino via Synth-diy:
> Hi all,
> I want to build an analog synth from scratch. I currently work as a 
> digital IC design engineer at a semiconductor company and I have good 
> knowledge in analog circuit design, but I'm not that good at advanced 
> analog circuitry.
> Can anyone recommend me a book or some tutorial on synth electronics?
> Also, I am looking for partners to work on this project with me, and 
> then make it into a product and sell and get rich. I'll give you 50%.
> My synth will be the best ever made I guarantee that. You can jump in!
> SynthMatrixGod
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