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There is a Darwin Grosse podcast with Paul Schrieber where Paul lays out
the likelihood of getting rich making synths. I don't want to necessarily
sound discouraging, Paulo brought it up. Maybe take a listen to this
podcast though. https://youtu.be/MUiSoIiCDTE?si=FcaFSzcM-0OKKJ9w

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>> Hi all,
>> I want to build an analog synth from scratch. I currently work as a
>> digital IC design engineer at a semiconductor company and I have good
>> knowledge in analog circuit design, but I'm not that good at advanced
>> analog circuitry.
>> Can anyone recommend me a book or some tutorial on synth electronics?
> This is a perennial topic.  I'm sure there are good things in the archive:
> https://synth-diy.org/ (about half way down the page are the archive
> links)
> If you can find a copy, Electronotes taught a lot of folks here the
> foundations of what they know, and worked out and explained a lot of what
> is considered standard now.  Unfortunately they're no longer available from
> Bernie (and please, list members, let's not turn this into another debate
> about that topic), so you will have to find someone who is selling their
> copies.  Join the sister list marketplace at synth-diy.org for your best
> shot at this.
> A lot of folks will recommend _Make: Analog Synthesizers_ by the late Ray
> Wilson, whose website is still available here:
> https://musicfromouterspace.com/
> I learned a lot from several books by Thomas Henry which are available at
> lulu.com
> https://electro-music.com/forum/ has a lot of discussion and lots of
> contributions by various folks with "names" in this area, as well as a wiki
> containing a lot of circuits.  You'll find recommended websites to look
> into such as https://yusynth.net/ https://ijfritz.byethost4.com/
> https://www.schmitzbits.de/ and a ton of other discussion.
> https://modwiggler.com has some fora that also cover this sort of thing,
> but there are lots of other topics there too, like discussions of the
> latest gear from the major manufacturers etc etc.  Some of that goes on on
> E-M as well but modwiggler has been the main hub for that for a while now.
> It's all background that would be good to have even if not directly about
> the electronics.
> Dr Aaron Lanterman has kindly made his Georgia Tech course "Analog
> Circuits for Music Synthesis", which covers a lot of the common blocks that
> a lot of analog synths/modules use as standard, available on youtube.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYk8r3QlNi8&list=PLOunECWxELQS5bMdWo9VhmZtsCjhjYNcV
> And there is some very good advice from Paul Schrieber of Synthesis
> Technology here, about things which aren't usually given much thought:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBGyEBQnIws
> As for getting rich :) I think Paul S has some relevant commentary about
> that as well which should be findable in the archive.
> Pete
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