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> Hi all,
> I want to build an analog synth from scratch. I currently work as a
> digital IC design engineer at a semiconductor company and I have good
> knowledge in analog circuit design, but I'm not that good at advanced
> analog circuitry.
> Can anyone recommend me a book or some tutorial on synth electronics?

This is a perennial topic.  I'm sure there are good things in the archive:
https://synth-diy.org/ (about half way down the page are the archive links)

If you can find a copy, Electronotes taught a lot of folks here the
foundations of what they know, and worked out and explained a lot of what
is considered standard now.  Unfortunately they're no longer available from
Bernie (and please, list members, let's not turn this into another debate
about that topic), so you will have to find someone who is selling their
copies.  Join the sister list marketplace at synth-diy.org for your best shot
at this.

A lot of folks will recommend _Make: Analog Synthesizers_ by the late Ray
Wilson, whose website is still available here:

I learned a lot from several books by Thomas Henry which are available at

https://electro-music.com/forum/ has a lot of discussion and lots of
contributions by various folks with "names" in this area, as well as a wiki
containing a lot of circuits.  You'll find recommended websites to look
into such as https://yusynth.net/ https://ijfritz.byethost4.com/
https://www.schmitzbits.de/ and a ton of other discussion.
https://modwiggler.com has some fora that also cover this sort of thing,
but there are lots of other topics there too, like discussions of the
latest gear from the major manufacturers etc etc.  Some of that goes on on
E-M as well but modwiggler has been the main hub for that for a while now.
It's all background that would be good to have even if not directly about
the electronics.

Dr Aaron Lanterman has kindly made his Georgia Tech course "Analog Circuits
for Music Synthesis", which covers a lot of the common blocks that a lot of
analog synths/modules use as standard, available on youtube.

And there is some very good advice from Paul Schrieber of Synthesis
Technology here, about things which aren't usually given much thought:

As for getting rich :) I think Paul S has some relevant commentary about
that as well which should be findable in the archive.

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