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Solid black boxes sounds like a contrast problem, is there a contrast
setting for the display?  Should be in the datasheet.

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> I have a Linn 9000 on which I’d like to replace the display. It is a 16x2
> EL backlit one. I bought an OLED one and an LED lighted one from Mouser.
> Inspired by what Forat does, I got bigger ones. The original display uses a
> 14 pin, dual row connector.
> First I plugged in the OLED one it looked great, but only the top row
> displayed. Checking my work, I noticed that I had the power pins reversed,
> according to the document I was referencing. I switched them and now the
> display is dead. It turns out the document I was looking at for a 14 pin
> connector on a LCD display was wrong  and I had gotten lucky having them
> the right way to start. All the other wires buzzed out ok, I’m afraid to
> buy another display, unless someone tells me it’s possible to get it
> working.
> Second, I plugged in the LED backlighted one today. The backlighting looks
> great, but I only get solid black boxes all the way across the screen.
> Does anyone know about these things? What am I doing wrong here?
> Mark
> PS. The Linn’s power supply was already melted down when I got it. I
> brought that back to life. This thing has the Forat sampling mods, which is
> a rat’s nest. I have software 7.01 (7.09 is the latest). Emails to Forat
> bounced. Is he still in business?
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