[sdiy] disgusting sticky rubber wheels solution found

David Moylan dave at expeditionelectronics.com
Fri Apr 5 20:09:28 CEST 2024

My experience with a QuNexus was lots of IPA and rubbing, but it did 
eventually remove the stickiness.

On 4/5/24 10:56 AM, ShedSynth via Synth-diy wrote:
> Hi & thank you everybody for suggestions so far.
> I’ve been trying to clean up the soft-touch finish on a Dell/Logitech 
> Bluetooth mouse which had gone so sticky that it glues itself to my 
> fingers.
> I tried tape-head cleaner (assumed it was IPA) and white vinegar 
> (edible, so probably quite dilute), but what worked for me was 
> methylated spirits (UK name for denatured alcohol, ethanol with added 
> flavouring). The mouse’s finish is now grey and streaky, but no longer 
> sticky.
> Your mileage may vary, your mouse or your Moog may melt.
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> Paper towel with Ethanol or IPA, works wonders. No rubbing, just a 
> good wipe.
> Cheers Theo
> back to lurking...
> On Thu, Dec 28, 2023 at 12:02 PM David Geretschläger via Synth-diy 
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> Hi list,
> this is my first post here although i'm lurking for years. Don' t know 
> if it' s of any interest but i had a real breakthrough in cleaning 
> disgusting sticky rubber. It was so bad on my moog sub 37 that when i 
> touched a wheel and then the keyboard again, i got stuck on the key 
> and there was black residue on the (yellow tarnished, but thats 
> another story) key.
> My solution is: a MICROFIBRE cleaning cloth (the thicker ones, noth 
> the thin ones for glasses, displays etc) in Combination with 3 parts 
> water and one part [vinegar acid 25%] the vinegar concentrate is 
> available in every supermarket here in europe.
> Just rub firmly and the goo goes away. The Wheels are like new.
> Well, maybe they don't have the old rubber grip but they are more like 
> soft plastic now, but don't slip under the finger.
> Also hat success in advance on my minibrute side panels, my midi 
> contollers, and other sticky houshoule articles. The Cloth is lost i'm 
> afraid, it doesn't seem to become clean after laundry.
> I'm sorry if that's already an old trick, but i was so amazed that i 
> wanted to share it.
> All the best from Austria
> David Geretschläger
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