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(I made this post on wigglers but I'd like to share here. I'd love some feedback from people who might have opinions. https://www.modwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=4036980  )

I've spent the last few weeks investigating buss cables for running between cabinets and I'll save people the trouble with USB-C. On paper it could be handy being so small and so many lines, for CV it would work but there are some showstopper issues.

Firstly the connectors are SMT only, and even then virtually all connectors have to go through an oven or hot air to make proper joints. You can't physically get under them with an iron so are rather unfriendly for even prototyping.

Secondly there are approximately 9000 different footprints with little in the way of a standard. Identical looking parts are off by 0.25mm and don't fit.

Third the reversible nature is a waste for us. You need to find a solution for keying them to make use of the full cable. (design specific...)

Lastly, it's 24 pins! On paper 24 pins.....in reality it's 18 or less. All the cables I've tested have merged the power and ground lines within the cable. This is sadly not written in the spec so I wasted money on boards that didn't account for that. I guess you could make your own cables using the male plugin boards but what's the point.

Stick to HDMI or another type even if only carrying CV. Wish they'd mention somewhere in the spec that the power pins are merged as a rule.

(There's more in the thread about the cable issue)
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