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Before you wash anything read the data sheets. Not all parts can 
tolerate water and/or ultrasonic cleaning.

Jay S.

On 9/28/2023 1:00 AM, Andrei Kudryavtsev via Synth-diy wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have PCBs with SMD and TH parts, and also with plastic connectors. 
> SMD parts are machine soldered, TH components are manually installed. 
> Obviously some flux residue is visible from manual soldering.
> I have a 22L ultrasonic cleaner with a temperature control.
> The boards are quite large, like 100x250mm or so.
> Wondering if you can share some experience using an ultrasonic cleaner 
> to avoid solvent based sprays and mechanical cleaning.
> There are some threads of using IPA inside small zip lock bags to 
> avoid evaporation, which seems to work well for small boards and is 
> relatively safe. However it's not my option due to the board size.
> I also see some "ultrasonic flux remover" detergents on eBay, but for 
> some reason they are all in the UK.
> Also I found the specialized Flux Off by Chemtronics but have never 
> tried it.
> Please, suggest.
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