[sdiy] What do people use for matched transistors these days?

Mike Bryant mbryant at futurehorizons.com
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Might be worth looking at Toshiba 2SC4944 (NPN) and 2SA1873 (PNP).  They have the emitters connected which is what most VCOs need, but still could be two die wired together.  Needs someone to dissolve one open.

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- can these still apply the same logic of "two transistors on the same strip are probably close enough" ?
- I'm curious what the use case is for a dual transistor where they're not matched.... I mean these cases are a *little* smaller than two individual SOT-23's but there are also smaller packages that could be used.


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Mike Bryant wrote:
> Nxperia also do dual transistors without the base resistors e.g. BC856S.  They are on the same die so will be well matched.

Umm, no, they're not, according to Nexperia:

"these dual are all 2 die solution where we take them from the same wafer.
No plans to develop these parts using a single die unfortunately since
the main goal is to maximize volumes of the single die version."

A shame as it would be a great option to replace the long-gone
2SC1583, etc.  I remember years ago asking Philips about the PUMX1 and
got a similar response:

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