[sdiy] Job available: Electronic Repair Tech (full-time repair of synths)

Danjel van Tijn / intellijel danjel at intellijel.com
Sun Sep 10 18:22:55 CEST 2023


Intellijel is looking for a full-time Electronic Repair Tech to join our
team in Burnaby, BC Canada.
Our preference is to find someone local to BC or Canada but we will also
consider international applicants.

If you are passionate about synths and music tech, highly adept at
soldering/desoldering, and skilled at repairs, then this could be a really
rewarding and exciting job for you.

In addition to repairs, there is the opportunity for some development too.
This would include help with prototypes, special tools, and testing jigs.
Experience with 3D printing would be a nice bonus.

More details are available here:  https://intellijel.com/careers/

You can also e-mail us directly at:  careers at intellijel.com


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