[sdiy] What do people use for matched transistors these days?

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Sat Sep 9 14:35:10 CEST 2023

For a long time I’ve just been using neighboring resistors from the same
strip. Manufacturing processes are more precise these days, All my
oscillators track well this way

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> Right now I'm looking at matched pnp's, suitable for a VCO.  Something
> like the THAT-320 quad pnp would be ideal, but they are kind of pricey. The
> quad is nice because you have an extra matched transistor you can use for
> high frequency tracking adjustment.
> I ordered some BCM856's to see how they will pan out.  I think the VBE
> match will be good enough, I'm wondering about the base resistance that
> causes deviation from ideal log conformance.
> For npn's, THAT-300 or MAT14 are the best, also pricey.
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