[sdiy] Yamaha CVP900 Clavinova piano needs obsolete DAC chip Burr Brown PCM1702..

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Tue Nov 28 10:13:08 CET 2023

That used to be top specs DAC in previous millenium.
Its datasheet was geek's equivalent of a porn magazine.
What I would do is take any modern audio DAC, say PCM1753 and add a 
microcontroller to translate serial interfaces. Might be difficult if 
Clavinova utilizes high oversampling rate, but if it's around 50ksps, it 
seems doable.
OTOH making such retrofit will definitely cost more than buying even 2 
vintage PCM1702.
However, if Clavinovw feeds it with 24-bit words and not just 20, it 
might be doable without any translation, just a little abusement and PLL 
generated system clock.


W dniu 2023-11-27 o 17:31, Jean-Pierre Desrochers pisze:
> Hi list,
> I’m looking for an obsolete DAC chip going into a Yamaha CVP900 
> Clavinova piano.
> I googled it and found many Chinese sellers one ebay that sells this chip
> (does not trust them.. fakes..) Seldom USA eBay suppliers sell that chip 
> for around $45USD + shipping !
> I found that Syntaur web site sells for $36.95USD. The cheapest found so 
> far..
> So I post this to check if someone would have this chip in a bin 
> somewhere.. ?
> Or I’ll have to consider this chip (since obsolete) cost at least $37.00 
> now ?
> Or any subsitute could do ?
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