[sdiy] Using switching power supplies in series to get bipolar outputs?

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Mon Nov 20 13:42:25 CET 2023

But hooking them up in series to get higher voltage actually IS making a 
bipolar supply. It only depends which node you decide is the 0V. The 
outputs are isolated from AC inpt so you can do whatever you want with 
multiple outputs up to the isolation limit which is if I'm not mistaken 
up to 3kV


W dniu 2023-11-18 o 15:08, Scott Bernardi via Synth-diy pisze:
> I've noticed that most switching power supplies that offer bipolar 
> outputs(i.e., to get +/-12v) have less current capability on the 
> negative supply than the positive.  For example, the Meanwell 65B which 
> has +/-12v and +5v, great for Eurorack, has
> +5v max 8 amps
> +12v max 3.5 amps
> -12v max 1 amp
> What about buying two +12v supplies, or maybe one that has +12v and +5v 
> with another with just +12v, and hooking them in series with a center 
> tap to get +/- 12v?
> This article 
> https://www.mouser.com/pdfDocs/blog_how-to-operate-parallel-and-series-connection.pdf <https://www.mouser.com/pdfDocs/blog_how-to-operate-parallel-and-series-connection.pdf> looks like it's possible, although they only talk about hooking them up in series to increase the output voltage rather than bipolar.
> Has anybody done this?
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