[sdiy] Using switching power supplies in series to get bipolar outputs?

Scott Bernardi scottbernardi55 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 18 15:08:53 CET 2023

I've noticed that most switching power supplies that offer bipolar
outputs(i.e., to get +/-12v) have less current capability on the negative
supply than the positive.  For example, the Meanwell 65B which has +/-12v
and +5v, great for Eurorack, has
+5v max 8 amps
+12v max 3.5 amps
-12v max 1 amp
What about buying two +12v supplies, or maybe one that has +12v and +5v
with another with just +12v, and hooking them in series with a center tap
to get +/- 12v?

This article
like it's possible, although they only talk about hooking them up in series
to increase the output voltage rather than bipolar.
Has anybody done this?
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