[sdiy] Cheapest but good Chinese PCB manufacturer..

jslee john at sleefamily.org
Tue Nov 14 02:41:08 CET 2023

Yes, I stopped using OSHPark for this reason. The purple was nice but I wanted clean edges.

For many years I happily used Seeed Studio ... but recently tried JLCPCB and they were great for my modest needs.

I also recently submitted my first order with assembly which was interesting, again with JLCPCB. MiniPCIe adapters to fit m.2 NVMe storage inside PCEngines APU2 fanless servers. 8-layer boards! Not my design (was on Github) but it all worked and I feel slightly more confident about the process now


On Mon, 6 Nov 2023, at 12:43, brianw wrote:
> OSHPark in Oregon does a good job, and saves money by pooling multiple 
> customers onto a single panel.
> ... but your mention that PCBWAY cuts the edges smooth is worthy of 
> note - at least in comparison to OSHPark, who design perforations 
> between customer designs, and this makes at least part of the edges 
> very rough. They've added features recently, so they might be worth 
> checking out. The quotes are automated, so you might as well see what 
> it would cost. Plus, they generate nice pictures that help you check 
> your Gerbers before you order, and that's useful even if you order 
> somewhere else.
> Brian
> On Nov 3, 2023, at 2:10 PM, Oren Leavitt via Synth-diy 
> <synth-diy at synth-diy.org> wrote:
>> I use PCBWAY a lot - the boards are perfect and edges are smoothly cut. Turnaround time to USA is less than two weeks. I had my boards as soon as one week one time.
>> I have not tried the assembly service, yet.
>> There's also BasicPCB.com, based in the USA. Their "ValueSpec" option is great if you just need a few boards and don't mind them choosing color/thickness etc. They don't do slotted holes however.
>> - Oren
>> On 11/3/23 11:29 AM, Jean-Pierre Desrochers wrote:
>>> So I can see PCBWAY is not on your list.. Interesting.. Why ?
>>> By the way I’ll rarely need parts assembly to be done.. Only PCB manufacturing. That’s it !
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>>> I know this question has been asked millions of time..
>>> Over the last years I did business with a local PCB shop in Quebec City for all my small electronics projects
>>> With very good low priced quotes,
>>> But unfortunately the shop burnt down this year.. So..
>>> I’ll ask you all where should I send my gerber files for PCB making
>>> for a fair price ? I’m thinking about Chinese shops..
>>> USA shops are surely doing better products but as long as
>>> the PCB’s do their jobs cheapest is Ok for me.  
>>> Thanks for your help.
>>> JP
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