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Didier Leplae didierleplae at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 5 21:36:46 CET 2023

Yes, this is what I’m suggesting, although maybe it doesn’t automatically recognize what you’re playing and automatically adjust (although that’s one possibility). Another might be  a pedal board, that the player uses to switch intonations as they are playing. 
I’m just exploring the idea, and brainstorming, so that’s why I don’t really have a specific idea of what or how I’d want to do this.

Also, i didn’t mean to disparage just intonation by calling it a problem. I’m a big enthusiast of microtonal music. But it is a limitation, maybe that would have been a better way to describe it.

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>> > As far as I understand, the biggest problem with just intonation scales, is that they are based around one tonal center or fundamental. 
>> > However, with modern electronic instruments, it seems possible to create an instrument that could retune to each new fundamental.
>> But you need to describe more of what you want to do.  It almost sounds like you are suggesting a keyboard that notices what key you're playing in and adjusts the intonation on the fly.
> This is how I interpreted Didier's question. And I'm sure I've heard of a keyboard 5 years ago that did just (sic!) this... Wasn't it some Kurzweil? Or was it a future Kurzweil? (-:
> /mr

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