[sdiy] Make me a fair offer and they are yours..

BrightBoy jdec at mindspring.com
Wed Nov 1 16:12:21 CET 2023

IMO: The SDIY marketplace list was a solution looking for a problem. Please kill it.



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I know this email should be placed in the Marketplace section.
But I placed it there some days ago.. No luck so far..

So I show the offer here too (because the clock is ticking..)
I have about 100 of each of these I’m about to throw in the garbage.
I tried twice to sell them on the SDIY market place with no replies at all so..
Make me a fair offer for all of them and they are yours..
No offers until the end of this week they will be disposed.

The 6 pins terminal blocks have a pitch of 0.2 inches between each pins.
And the female jacks are stereo type 1/8 inches.

Thanks for watching !

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