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> Found this. 


> I’m pretty sure I've still got all my Popular Electronics issues from 1980, but I’m on the road for another month so I can’t scan it directly right now. I recall that around that same time PE published a kit using that chip. Remind me in a month or so and I'll go digging when I get home.

Thanks to your heads-up I was able to find ads for it:

https://worldradiohistory.com/hd2/IDX-Consumer/Archive-Poptronics-IDX/search.cgi?zoom_sort=0&zoom_xml=0&zoom_query=SE-01+Sound+Effects&zoom_cat%5B%5D=-1&zoom_cat%5B%5D=3&zoom_per_page=10 <https://worldradiohistory.com/hd2/IDX-Consumer/Archive-Poptronics-IDX/search.cgi?zoom_sort=0&zoom_xml=0&zoom_query=SE-01+Sound+Effects&zoom_cat[]=-1&zoom_cat[]=3&zoom_per_page=10>

I wonder if there was an article about it somewhere, not just the advertisements. I'm sure I saw this at the time but I have no memory of it or Bullet Electronics.

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