[sdiy] Yamaha P50-m inner reverb effect low level issue..

Ingo Debus igg.debus at gmail.com
Mon May 29 17:20:09 CEST 2023

> Am 29.05.2023 um 15:31 schrieb Jean-Pierre Desrochers <jpdesroc at oricom.ca>:
> Still looking for advices on that problem

Schematics would be helpful. Anyone?
The effects chip in the VL70-m I mentioned earlier (same era) is a HD62098. It processes the digital data directly from the sound generator chip, there’s nothing analog in between. The dry/wet mixing is done digitally too. So I think it’s unlikely that a bad component causes a too low reverb amount.
Maybe some (probably hidden, Yamaha loves that) parameter is set to a wrong value? Does the P50-m have a lithium battery to power a static RAM when the device is turned off? If yes, is it still good?
Is there a way to „factory-reset“ the P50-m?

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