[sdiy] Yamaha P50-m inner reverb effect low level issue..

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Mon May 29 13:20:25 CEST 2023

W dniu 2023-05-29 o 12:49, Ingo Debus via Synth-diy pisze:
>> someone replaced big axial electrolytic with tiny radial one, 
> Is there something wrong with radial caps (besides aesthetics)? Of 
> course newer electrolytics are smaller than ancient ones. That’s not 
> necessarily a bad thing.

If radial leads are spread like this, a few cm both sides, it does not 
have any mechanical strength anymore. OK, you may glue the cap, but 
still it's messy job and tells a lot about cutting corners everywhere.

for me it's equivalent of painting the synth panel with poo-poo color 
paint and wrtiting all markings on it with a sharpie.


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