[sdiy] Prophet 5 rev2 conundrum

Jay Schwichtenberg jschwich53 at comcast.net
Wed May 3 23:46:52 CEST 2023

For somethings not in the analog realm.

One of the first things to check in old systems like these after the 
power supplies is the reset circuit.

If I remember correctly there are multiple EEPROMs in it. Could be the 
tuning code in one of them could of gone bad. EEPROMs don't last forever 
and if the code is bad the processor would wonder off into oblivion.

Might very carefully pull the EEPROMs and reseat them to see if a socket 
connection might of gone bad too.

These are they types of problems logic analyzers are good for. Big pain 
to setup but the problem maybe a lot easier to find.

Jay S.

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