[sdiy] VCF on a FPAA

Roman modular at go2.pl
Tue May 2 07:37:47 CEST 2023

This is interesting, if not amazing.
I can imagine how it may boost creativity for someone using it for a while.
And look at this chip, how huge it is! Like a milion pins PQFP.
Not really sure what will be their target though, as it's possibly super expensive and everything it does can be done with better performance in traditional analog way or digitally. Maybe something like the Terminator would have a bunch of theese to adapt dynamically to changing circumstances. 
What amazes me the most is that your students are working with technology that is not commercially available yet. Something unthinkable when I was studying. Maybe even today.


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>Here Lenno Liu, a student in my ECE4450 Analog Circuits for Music Synthesis class, demonstrates his class project. Lenno is a student of Prof. Jennifer Hasler, Georgia Tech’s local Field Programmable Analog Array expert, so he implemented a VCF on a FPAA:
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