[sdiy] Niche ACM-1 how's this thing work?

Steve Lenham steve at bendentech.co.uk
Thu Mar 23 10:03:38 CET 2023

Paraphrased from one of the Jim Williams books; change gender according 
to taste:

"An engineer and a computer scientist are working in the lab one evening 
when a beautiful woman appears at the doorway and promises that she will 
halve the distance between herself and them every 30 seconds. 'Oh no!' 
says the computer scientist, 'she will never reach us'. 'Maybe not', 
replies the engineer, 'but she will get close enough'."

You are both right - all that differs is your individual definitions of 
what is "right enough" when making a statement. Roman is happy if it is 
right enough to be useful to other engineers capable of filling in their 
own detail, while Brian likes material to be right enough to carve into 
a stone tablet and use to re-establish civilisation after a devastating 
asteroid strike.

Diff'rent strokes...we get it.

Steve L ;-)

On 23/03/2023 08:34, Roman Sowa wrote:
> W dniu 2023-03-22 o 22:25, brianw pisze:
>> You're citing the specs for the DAC output. Those are indeed 
>> adequate, but it's a different pin.
> no, I'm talking about Vref input bandwidth, specified in Vref section 
> of datasheet
>> I'm talking about the specs for the Vref input pin. Those are often 
>> designed to reject noise on the reference voltage. Some chips even 
>> have an extra pin for a large capacitor to filter Vref. Others have 
>> an internal filter or both internal and external. In other words, the 
>> bandwidth is completely unrelated to the DAC signal output.
> then we probably talk about totally different kind of ICs
>> Keep in mind that even something as simple as an op-amp can have 
>> different specs (voltage range, bandwidth) for input versus output.
> what does it have to do with DAC?
> Roman
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