[sdiy] Where to find a suitable power regulator insulator bushing for a Prophet 10?

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... and it's not or couldn't be this:
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> Hi,
> I’m restoring a vintage Prophet 10. When reinstalling the power supply I
> noticed it is missing one of the power regulator insulators - It’s a
> cylinder-shaped piece of semi-transparent fairly stiff plastic through
> which the screw of the regulator goes. The insulator should be in the hole
> of the heat sink, preventing the regulator’s screw from short circuiting to
> the heat sink. The insulator measures as follows: OD 6.4mm (0.25in), ID 4.2
> (0.165in), length 3.3mm (0.13in).
> Now when googling for this part it seems the modern equivalent is a type
> of a shoulder washer - these wouldn’t work, it needs to be ”shoulderless”.
> Any tips on what to use as a substitute? Adequate resistance to heat and
> high electrical resistance are probably the required features of the
> material. I was thinking of a silicone tube, cut to the correct length and
> the inside diameter driller to the correct size (I can only find a tube
> with the correct outer diameter).
> Another idea I’ve got is a cylinder-shaped nylon spacer, some seem to be a
> close match.
> Then there’s 3D printing, but dunno about the suitability of printable
> plastics.
> Any suggestions? It’s strange that no modern equivalent seem to be
> available. Wine Country couldn’t help me.
> Best regards,
> Antti
> Lähetetty iPhonesta
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