[sdiy] Where to find a suitable power regulator insulator bushing for a Prophet 10?

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I’m restoring a vintage Prophet 10. When reinstalling the power supply I noticed it is missing one of the power regulator insulators - It’s a cylinder-shaped piece of semi-transparent fairly stiff plastic through which the screw of the regulator goes. The insulator should be in the hole of the heat sink, preventing the regulator’s screw from short circuiting to the heat sink. The insulator measures as follows: OD 6.4mm (0.25in), ID 4.2 (0.165in), length 3.3mm (0.13in).

Now when googling for this part it seems the modern equivalent is a type of a shoulder washer - these wouldn’t work, it needs to be ”shoulderless”.

Any tips on what to use as a substitute? Adequate resistance to heat and high electrical resistance are probably the required features of the material. I was thinking of a silicone tube, cut to the correct length and the inside diameter driller to the correct size (I can only find a tube with the correct outer diameter).

Another idea I’ve got is a cylinder-shaped nylon spacer, some seem to be a close match.

Then there’s 3D printing, but dunno about the suitability of printable plastics.

Any suggestions? It’s strange that no modern equivalent seem to be available. Wine Country couldn’t help me.

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Lähetetty iPhonesta
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